Our Products

World Class Engineers and Leading Field Experts coming together to deliver the best quality products here at Alupole.

Steel Products

Our unique development methods allow us to create steel structures ranging from standard streetlighting to full-scale transmission towers with unparalleled structural accuracy.


Electrical Transmission poles are usually used to carry the power distribution lines throughout the country. Required by the respective countries energy/power provider. Alupole design and supply capabilities are up to 1500kV of transmission lines




Telecommunication or Telco poles are structures that used to mount radio or signal antenna for telco purposes. It also usually comes with satellite dishes. These Telco’s equipment are usually very heavy thus the structures must be carefully designed to cater with such heavy loads. Alupole has the capabilities and verified certificates to design and supply this kind of poles.



Flood Lighting Poles or also known as High Mast are structures that used to mount flood light or any kind of high powered lighting systems. The floodlights can be arranged to emit lights in one direction such as stadium lighting, or all directions such as storage yards or fun fairs. This kind of poles are usually mandatory required for aviation warning light to be installed due to their immense height to warn all the passing planes.



The advertisements boards, poles and towers that you see today commonly have multiple functions. From CCTV cameras to lighting, Alupole has some of the best designs for multi-purpose poles that are intricate in aesthetic, sturdy and long lasting.





Aluminium Products

Other than being 100% rewewable, aluminum products of Alupole are majorly pole products with varieties
of purposes. In general aluminum materials are lighter and have higher environmental resistance compared to steel. Alupole aluminum are an excellent solution for corrosive environments with high reactivity such as coastal areas.

Hinge Pole

Hinge pole, as the name explained are the poles that designed with hinges either at the bottom, top or middle position. The most common is the mid hinge pole. Purpose of the hinge is for the pole to be able to brought down and the maintenance team can access the top area without using any heavy lifting equipment such as sky lift since the maintenance area of the pole are usually at the top. Therefore, in long term those will save a lot of maintenance cost.

Decorative Poles

As the name itself explained, with the function of regular street lighting pole but with pleasant design appearance. This kind of poles usually installed in city area or parks or any high desirability area. This poles can be designed to install together additional mounting for banner or CCTV cameras. This pole can be custom designed as per requirement or can be choose from Alupole’s wide array of pre-existing design. This finishing of this poles are generally powder coated instead of normal galvanizing. Therefore, the pole colors can be choose or it can be a combination of multiple colors.   

Advertisement Structures

Advertisement structures are used to mount advertisement board or video display. Usually installed within high density crowd of people in order to maximize the viewers. It also usually installed along the highways or flyovers to target the passing cars. This structure can be designed to mount the CCTV cameras and lightings.

Professional Technical Services

Unique and intricate designs over many years have honed some of the most experienced engineers here at Alupole. We provide top of the line design work that is customizable by the client but also meeting international standards. Besides design work we also provide professional engineering endorsement for those seeking certification from experts.


Alupole’s unique design of structures will minimize the structure weights while at the same time complying the client’s requirements as well as international standards. With less total weight will incur lower total cost with higher production capacity while maintaining product qualities.


Apart from doing our own Alupole design, we also certified and capable to provide consultation and design verifications for others as well. Every detailed design calculation performed by others shall be verified by Alupole’s expert.