Our Products

Since our establishment, Alupole has created unique Aluminium and Steel designs and products never seen or done before in this world.
By combining our “Original Equipment Manufactured” (OEM) with the latest modern technology available, we design, manufacture  and supply any product within our core competency that we can dream of.

Steel Products

Our unique development methods allow us to create Steel Structures ranging from standard Street Lighting Poles
to full-scale Transmission Towers with unparalleled structural accuracy and creativity


Aluminium Products

Other than being 100% renewable, Aluminium products of Alupole can be created with a variety of purposes and additions. In general, Aluminium materials are lighter and have a higher environmental resistance compared to Steel. With more than 18 years of experience and a direct education in the Finite Element Method, Alupole Aluminium are an excellent solution for corrosive environments with high reactivity such as coastal areas and for all your product requirements.

Decorative Poles
Hinge Pole

Professional Technical Services

Unique and intricate designs over many years have honed some of the most experienced engineers here at Alupole. We provide top of the line design work customizable by the Client that can meet all local and international standards. Besides design work we also provide Professional Engineering Endorsement for those seeking certification from experts.