Professional Technical Services

Besides providing fully customizable works that consistently meet all of our client’s requirements and professional engineering endorsements from those seeking certification from experts, Alupole further pushes the industry by providing Alupole-original literary and artistic creations, designs, symbols, names and ideas

Professional Intellectual Service

Besides having design, manufacturing and supplying capabilities for the typical Steel and Aluminium structures, Alupole additionally holds the capabilities to create original and unique designs for unprecedented and original projects, and the ideas of our own and our customers. Whether it is for a tender or confirmed project, Alupole can provide the services needed for our customers to secure their projects and successfully bring their unique ideas to life of the highest quality while abiding by their and international standards. Within Alupole (M) Sdn. Bhd., no design, creation or product is impossible and unaffordable for our Clients.

Consultation and Product Verification

Alupole is also further certified and capable to provide consultation and design verifications for our customers. Every detailed design calculation shared with us will be completely reviewed and verified by our Alupole engineering experts while of course, standing with our strict Private and Confidentiality policies. Moreover, upon our Client's request for every structure supplied, Alupole can dispatch our technical experts to assist and supervise the installation of the products. All assembly structures will come with detailed installation and operation manuals, that will be shared to our according clients, to avoid any issues under consultation during site installations. Our technical experts can also assist in advising the installation team accordingly in the event of any issues that have occurred at the site.

Finite Element Analysis

The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a simulation used to predict how a product will react towards real world stimulus by demonstrating how and when a product can be expected to break, wear out or work the way it should through mathematical modelling and calculations. The FEA is a vital software that allows Alupole's structural detailers to build calculative accurate and strong structures that can pass all tests while meeting any and all requirements, no matter their design. Applying the Finite Element Analysis further makes us unique and pushes us above our industry as not many engineering companies, especially in Malaysia, can apply this method as efficiently as Alupole due to its mathematical complexity and its time consumption.

On the other hand, Alupole's CEO, Albert Lim, was directly trained under M.A. Crisfield, also known to some as the "Father of the Finite Element Analysis" in Imperial College. M.A. Crisfield had a hand in evolving and expanding the Finite Element Method from becoming linear and to becoming nonlinear, in itself creating the FEA.

Hence, with Albert Lim as a graduate under those who originally developed the FEA, Alupole is especially trained specifically within the Finite Element Method.