Professional Technical Services

 While providing fully customizable design work that consistently meets all our client’s requirements, we also provide professional engineering endorsements from those seeking certification from experts

Professional Intellectual Service

Apart from design and supply of structures, sometimes there are requirements from clients for design works only. Usually it’s for unconfirmed projects or tender proposals. Alupole can provide the service in order for client to secure the project thus achieving mutual benefits. Alupole’s unique design of structures will minimize the structure weights while at the same time complying the client’s requirements as well as international standards. With less total weight will incur lower total cost with higher production capacity while maintaining product qualities.

Consultation and Product Verification

Apart from doing our own Alupole design, we also certified and capable to provide consultation and design verifications for others as well. Every detailed design calculation performed by others shall be verified by Alupole’s expert. Upon request from client for every structures supplied, Alupole can dispatch our technical expert to assist and supervise the installation of our products. All assembly structures shall come with detailed installation and operation manual in order to avoid any issues under consultation during site installation. Our technical expert shall advise the installation team accordingly in event of any unnecessary issues at site.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis is a simulation used to predict how a product will react towards real world stimulus. F. E. A. will show how and when a product may expect to break, wear out or work the way it should using mathematical modelling. This simulation technique is used mainly for aluminum poles and is exclusive only to Alupole in Malaysia and Australia.